Due to a lack of significant events in a small country town, a failed journalist is forced to fabricate news to avoid losing his job. First film by young Chilean director Tomás Alzamora, premiered in 2017 at the Miami Film Festival, winning best screenplay. Distributed by Sony Pictures Television for Latin America and the Caribbean.


The matriarch of a family dies and for the first time in years her relatives get together to take care of the services.  Cousins, daughters and friends, everyone wants something from the deceased: her clothes, her furniture, her story. But the secrets that threaten to come out during those days in the south of Chile take the […]


Rigan, a hardworking Chilean immigrant arrives at the Chicago suburbs in search of the American dream.  The lack of opportunities and the constant abuse will lead him to join the “pepperoni”, a gang of thieves posing as pizza delivery boys.   


After her daughter Fernanda (33) suffers a horrible car accident, Susana (58) decides to take care of her at home. As they begin to reconnect, Susana discovers that Fernanda intentionally caused the accident to end her life. Now Susana will have to face her fears in order to understand her daughter for the first time. 


Penelope is a Civil Registry Official who lives with her mother, who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s. One day she meets Ulises, an old homeless man with no memory and no papers, and decides to convince him that he’s her father and that it’s time to come home to take care of his wife. Short film directed by Álvaro Anguita Araya, starring Catalina Saavedra, premiered in 2015. Winner of the Grand Prix Innational at Clermont Ferrand 2016, and featured in over 20 other international festivals.

The story of fashion trends: Do the Middle Eastern Products acquire the runway?

The recent fashion trends inside of the modelling business We aren’t ultimate. This is certainly for any person not a top secret, but for many women and men it stays a induce for anxiety, which regular feeds the global elegance marketplace. We convince ourselves that you simply can stay into your conditional ease and comfort […]